Welcome to Stonehouse Childcare

Building relationships

Stonehouse Childcare see your child as an individual and aims to provide a welcoming environment for both yourself and your child and to aid the smooth transition into nursery. We offer free pre-visits to aid the settling in process and aim to build a personal, lasting relationship with yourself and your child that will grow as they do.

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Our unique ‘One step’ tracker system, which was developed in house, trialled and evaluated by our parents, follows your child’s progress in detail throughout their time at Stonehouse. We encourage parents to actively be involved in the one step system as we share and review information about their child’s progress and development.

“One step at a time is a great system, great for parents”.

Qualified nursery staff

Effective, robust recruitment procedures ensure that your child is cared for by dedicated, motivated and qualified nursery staff. Enhanced DBS checks, intensive induction and safeguarding training ensure all our staff have an understanding of the importance of the safety and welfare of each child and demonstrate good practice throughout the day.

Our commitment to training and continuous professional development of all of our staff is overseen by an in-house Education and Training Director. Stonehouse implement a pro-active approach to training and staff have access to and receive up to date training on changes in legislation, the EYFS curriculum or simply the implementation of new resources within the nursery.

“I really enjoy my training and the staff meetings are very useful and interesting………. and I feel support from all my work mates and the management team”

I really love working at Stonehouse, everyone is friendly and brilliant to work with. I dont think i could ask for a better team